About Us

About Us

About the School

Our Ethos

We believe in the process of Learning by Doing. Each one must be a Thinker and Innovator rather than a follower.

We believe in stimulating the imagination & provide ample opportunities to grow & develop all dimensions and shades of potentialities of students and teachers alike.

We aspire to develop our student into progressive thinkers and skill bearers, equipped to face a dynamically changing world.

Aims and Aspirations

To provide each child with a school life full of positive experiences for their personal development and social competence

To empower each child through the development of their cognitive, emotional, physical and social and spiritual domains

To provide to parents a friendly, transparent and professional experience across the range of their interactions with us

To create young men and women with a well developed personality prepared to confidently engage with and contribute to their communities at local, regional and global levels

To provide teachers an environment that awakens their joy of creative expression, sharing knowledge and be always open minded & future ready.

Motto Of The School: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

‘Doing the same thing over & again doesn’t produce a different outcome. If we want a meaningful and desired  outcome from each child, we need to do different things with each one”

We need a metamorphosis in education.  From every single ray of idea generated, a new spectrum of colors must emerge .


EVERY CHILD is better inspired

E VERY CHILD can learn better.

EVERY CHILD gains more confidence.

EVERY CHILD becomes more creative.

EVERY CHILD develops better thinking skills.

EVERY CHILD understand their personal strengths & areas of improvement.

EVERY CHILD becomes more caring, respectful & responsible.

EVERY CHILD   focuses on beauty & perfection.

EVERY CHILD progresses with his own abilities.

RE - IMAGINE …. the school where  this is possible...

Every child is unique. Each child is born with unique learning abilities. Learning can happen in visual, kinesthetic or audio styles so the pedagogies must have all the chalk , the walk and the talk dimensions  to accelerate each child’s development . At Spectrum  The Contemporary School  unique learning pattern will be introduced according to his/her learning style fostering the excellence in learning process and  each child will compete with his/her individual ability and move to the next level of achievement.