“A school should not be a preparation for life. A school should be a life itself” ….Elbert Hubbard

A school is the base where the personality of a child is shaped. A place  where the future is discovered   in the present.

Our tryst with education started in 2003 with a humble mission to make a difference in the quality of education prevailing in our society. After achieving a remarkable satisfaction in implementation of new paradigms in preschool education through Eurokids , a pressing need of a unique present-day, modern school gave us the inspiration to start   “Spectrum- the contemporary School”.


A   child is the most valuable resource of any country. At a tender age their minds needs to be nurtured with love and care so that these innocent minds become high achievers in every sphere of life.  We, through “Spectrum”, aim at providing holistic education and prepare each one of our students to meet all the challenges in their life. Here, education does not end at learning facts but also learning to discipline their feelings, follow their passion and instill pure morality under all circumstances. We mould the young minds to be the torch bearers of the nation and at the same time are equipped to become global citizens with the modern and scientific temperament. Their potentials are fostered through the apt educational training par excellence and beyond conventional norms.


It is said that “Teaching is the only profession that teaches all other professions” and we must share that we are delighted to lead and harness the team of contemporary educators. 

Rajen and Reena Parikh