The SPECTRUM curriculum is based on developmentally appropriate education that challenges & encourages the student but never pressurize. The joyous environment, child friendly equipments and scientifically designed techniques encourage a student to listen, discover and  innovate. 

It  is based on the ideas, theories and practices prevalent globally. Creating a global citizen is a task that needs detailing at each stage. The curriculum prepares each child for the process of life-long learning. 

At SPECTRUM, special emphasis will be given on the way the knowledge is imparted to ensure that the learning is wholesome instead of only ensuring that the students are taught the prescribed syllabus. 

Our curriculum discourages rote learning completely. The curriculum encourages students to take active part in the learning process through a unique LRPA model that makes learning stress free and enjoyable. This 4 pronged approach denotes how each concept, be it mathematical, scientific or linguistic, gets ingrained into the students. 

L       Learning of the concept in the classroom followed by

R      Reinforcement of the concept through Audio-Visual media, followed by

P       Practice through projects and experiments and most important followed by

A      Applications of the given concept in real life

The various aptitudes and strengths of inpidual students are further identified and honed. They are encouraged to focus on their areas of interest and skills, thus preparing them for future challenges and the relevant certification. The skills nurtured are:

Language & literacy skills

Numeracy skills 

Social & environment   awareness  skills  with science, social studies ,environment studies

Self, culture & community skills with history, geography, economics & current affairs.

This curriculum eliminates the lacunae and repetition that characterize a curriculum which is based on text books and traditional teaching methods. The latest teaching  pedagogies considering  CBSE norms will be  incorporated effectively to  deliver the curriculum and create an ideal environment for learning.

The concept of Balanced Schooling is aimed at all round development of the students.

At Spectrum The Contemporary School, we strive to achieve a balance between academics and co-curricular activities, between theoretical and practical learning between traditional teaching methods and new generation teaching aids, and more importantly between growing up as responsible global citizens while retaining the rich Indian ethos